Sermon: A Higher Consciousness (link corrected)

“A Higher Consciousness”

(June 6, 2010) Einstein is quoted as saying that “no problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” How true this is, when we consider so many of the human-made disasters that plague our world. Perhaps there is no human solution to these crises, but we must trust in a higher level of consciousness. Certainly, for the mothers who lost their sons in both the Hebrew Bible and the Gospel readings, no solution presents itself. And yet, these stories remind us, even and especially when it seems impossible, that God’s presence is the power to transform death into life. Can we begin to believe that God can restore the brokenness in our lives, in our world, in our planet? (1 Kings 17:8-24, Luke 7:11-17)

I make reference to, which allows you to see the size and scope of the BP oil disaster, and recenter the spill on your part of the globe. A sobering perspective (in the sermon, I misquote the website name, because someone is failing at subjunctive case here).

Sorry about that– don’t know what happened with the partial upload here. This link should bring you to the full recording.

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