Sermon: No Matter How Small

"No Matter How Small" (April 25, 2010 - Earth Day) When viewed in perspective, our world is incredibly small, like the speck on which the Whos live in Dr. Seuss's stories. And yet, we find that in our smallness, we are precious to God and we must be precious to one another. Our "text" is… Continue reading Sermon: No Matter How Small

Sermon: And Again

"...And Again" (April 18, 2010) God calls us again and again, no matter how many times we slip back into our old patterns of being, no matter how often we spiral backward to the beginning again. Like the disciples who, after the resurrection, returned to the familiar comfort of their routines, we too have the… Continue reading Sermon: And Again

Local Press, and Pressing Issues

I recently attended a meeting in Montpelier that gained some local press attention. A group of team and agency members, local residents, and interested activists gathered to talk about the problem of lack of affordable housing in the Montpelier area, and the large and growing number of persons who are without housing, are marginally housed,… Continue reading Local Press, and Pressing Issues

Sermon: Seekers at the Tomb- Mary of Magdala

Seeker at the Tomb: Mary of Magdala (April 4, 2010- Easter) In place of a sermon, we presented five monologues of people close to Joshua– that’s Jesus for you Greek speakers. Each responds to the resurrection with their own joy and their own fears and doubts as well. What does the resurrection mean to us?… Continue reading Sermon: Seekers at the Tomb- Mary of Magdala