Sermon: Many Gifts/The Greatest Gift

"Many Gifts/The Greatest Gift" (January 17, 2010) Much as I attempted a segue between the two-- right about 12m30s if you're looking for just the second half, this recording really contains two sermons, or one sermon and one 'special comment.' Each of us has a particular way in which we live out our spirituality, unique… Continue reading Sermon: Many Gifts/The Greatest Gift


It's a big word in the United Methodist lexicon: connection. We believe that our connection (or as we like to say, connectionalism) makes us stronger, helps us do together what one person, or church, or regional body could never do alone. Making decisions as a global body is a pain in the butt, and doesn't… Continue reading Connection

Prayers and Relief for Haiti

In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I'm reminded yet again that natural disasters, while no respecter of persons, fall disproportionally upon the poor. Part of the reason that the quake's effects were so horrifying was that the buildings were already so poorly put together. Unstable structures, even hospitals, schools, and prisons, unable… Continue reading Prayers and Relief for Haiti


Sorry about that folks. Christmas season crunch combined with first trimester lack of energy left me with not time or energy for uploading stuff, let alone blogging. Hopefully we're back on the right track now! And I missed the Epiphany sermon because my recording equipment wasn't set up that day. Anywho, thanks for your patience!