Sermon: When Dreams Become Nightmares

cover1“When Dreams Become Nightmares”

(November 1, 2009) We think we want to live the “American Dream,” but we see that all too often and far too easily, this dream becomes an unsustainable nightmare. That’s because it is a false promise, that money– the love of it, the protection of its bottom line– is what will make us happy and successful. We fall into a trap as individuals and as churches, buying into this worldview. There is another, competing vision out there, a different dream for us, and that is to live into God’s dream, Gods vision. This life-giving dream is to be people focused first and foremost on God, and requires a change of heart. Fortunately, when it comes to changes of heart, God happens to specialize. (1Timothy 6:6-19)

Part one in a series addressing faith and finances, based upon the study and program series “Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity” by Adam Hamilton. Statistics, quotes, and general outlines are taken from that work and used with permission. I of course add my own interpretation. Sermon titles include: “When Dreams Become Nightmares,” “Wisdom, Vision, and Finance,” “Cultivating Contentment,” and “Defined by Generosity.”

Hey, any time I can get Vermonters to vocalize ‘Amen’ in the middle of a sermon, I consider my work well done!

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