Sermon: Defined by Generosity

"Defined by Generosity" (November 23, 2009) In the end, the question of how we use our resources comes down to this: how do we want our lives to be defined? By fear? By scarcity? By self-indulgence? Or do we want to be defined by our generosity and our single-minded pursuit of God's vision for us… Continue reading Sermon: Defined by Generosity

Sermon: Cultivating Contentment

"Cultivating Contentment" (November 15, 2009) Too often, we buy into the idea that something-- money, success, stuff, food, can fill the empty feeling inside us. The truth is that we will always have a sense of being incomplete without the deep peace of God, the One for whom we yearn. Perhaps our feeling of discontent… Continue reading Sermon: Cultivating Contentment


Gentle readers, thank you for your patience during my blogging silence. Due to some staffing transitions at Trinity and general crunch in responsibilities, it's been hard to have the creative space and time to write as I would like. As my soon-to-be-uploaded sermon describes, very exciting things are going on in my ministry, and I… Continue reading apology

Sermon: Wisdom, Vision, and Finance

"Wisdom, Vision, and Finance" (November 8, 2009) In this sermon, we take a more practical look at some of the ways to curb our prodigal nature (our wasting and spending). But for any of these practical things to matter, we need to first know what our vision is. Like the prodigal child, when we have… Continue reading Sermon: Wisdom, Vision, and Finance

Sermon: When Dreams Become Nightmares

"When Dreams Become Nightmares" (November 1, 2009) We think we want to live the "American Dream," but we see that all too often and far too easily, this dream becomes an unsustainable nightmare. That's because it is a false promise, that money-- the love of it, the protection of its bottom line-- is what will… Continue reading Sermon: When Dreams Become Nightmares