Sermon: My Ways are not Your Ways

april 14, 2001 (2)“My Ways are not Your Ways”

(October 18, 2009) Often, we attribute to God human-like attributes: not just flesh and hair and gender, but limited loving, justice, or forgiveness. God reminds us that especially when it comes to provision, new life, and forgiveness (which we might just sum up as grace), God does not fit inside our tiny human boxes. (Job 38:1-7, 34-41, Mark 10:35-45, Isaiah 55:1-9)

in this sermon, I make reference to a puzzle of unknown (to me) origin: connected four dots using three straight lines to create one enclosed shape.



think outside the box.


3 thoughts on “Sermon: My Ways are not Your Ways”

  1. BTW: enjoyed the sermon. I’ve actually been listening more often than I used to as I’m in dire need of radical sermons given my geographical location. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. thanks, Jeremy! The pic is one from the pastor I’m following, so he would know more about its origins. I assume its a crucifix-esque sculpture, but to me it looks like the man is breaking out of a box. That was the best I could do for ‘thinking outside the box” without using a pic I didn’t have permission for!

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