Sermon: Crumbs of Grace

x crumble“Crumbs of Grace”

(September 6, 2009) We discover in this passage–one of my favorites!– something wonderful about God’s grace: that it is poured out even and especially on those most broken, most desperate, most in need of blessing. We also discover something true about ourselves and who we are to be as a church: we are a community of broken, hurting, desperate people, not a place for folks who have their lives together. We are a place where it is okay to doubt, to hurt, to question, to be ourselves, and together seek God’s abundant grace in even the smallest crumbs that fall from the table. (Mark 7:24-37, and a James 2:1-10, 14-17).

In this sermon, I reference the book My Red Couch: And Other Stories on Seeking a Feminist Faith, by Claire Bischoff and Rachel Gaffron, eds.

Also, this is one of my favorite texts, and one of my favorite opportunities to talk about who we are as church. I think maybe that comes across.

2 thoughts on “Sermon: Crumbs of Grace”

  1. Hi Becca

    Love and best wishes from Gosforth Trinity Church of Newcastle upon Tyne, England – combined Methodist and United Reformed Church.

    Found your website whilst looking for info re family members we appear to have in your fair State (“Copping”s).

    Am taking the liberty of downloading some of your sermons – have just listened to “Just do it” – it is so what we are trying to do in and around Gosforth – and have read about your “Call” to preach.

    Intend to be a regular listener and will pass all on to the friends i feel sure you are about to acquire over here.

    God bless

    Ken Laws

    1. Hello Ken,

      Thanks for reading, listening, and commenting from way across the Atlantic! By all means please do download, listen, and share, and thank God for the beauty of connection– both through the United Methodist connection, and the technologies that make our far-flung world feel a little closer.

      Blessings to you and your community of faith,

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