Where’s Waldo? – Becca edition

A very eagle-eyed food pantry volunteer asked if that was in fact me she saw in the paper at the demonstration. In fact it is. I’m bringing such a powerful witness that you can hardly see it…

Can you spot the pastor in this photo from the Times Argus?
Can you spot the pastor in this photo from the Times Argus?

Need some help? I’m between the S in “God hates Obama” and the top left corner of the rainbow heart paper. And how many times can you say that?

becca at protest

Edited to add: A (facebook) friend posted this photo, where I’m a teensy bit more visible.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo? – Becca edition”

    1. I think it was from womenspirit: http://www.womenspirit.com/Default.aspx, but I don’t see the pink anymore. I might have purchased it because they were discontinuing the color. I’ll check the tag when I get home.

      do you know the best trick ever, though? Buy a band collar like this: http://www.womenspirit.com/ProductDetails.aspx?CATID=8&PID=42. buy any shirt you like that buttons all the way up to the neck. flip the collar part inside out. sew one button on the back center on the underside of the collar (when you wear the shirt normally, it will be covered by the top part of the collar and no one will see it). then, you can convert any collared shirt into a neckband clerical shirt by tucking the collar in and using the top neck button in the front and the button you sewed in the back to attach the neckband collar. presto! no more $60 clergy shirts!


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