News again

This time, I think even my staunchest, most conservative colleagues and friends can’t argue with the position I’ve taken. Barre/Montpelier Times Argus: Montpelierites (including one Methodist pastor) debate whether to protest Westboro group. I do think I said pray and puzzle; I remember the alliteration. Other than that, a great article that points out the struggle we are facing, in the tension between feeling a need to respond and not wanting to give any attention to a bunch of hatemongers.

Additionally, the High School students have posted information on how to make an online or check contribution to their cause, Westboro Baptist Church Hates; Montpelier High School Donates.

From their facebook page:

First of all, when you submit a donation, you need to say that your donation comes from “Vermont Students and Friends for Equality and Respect”. I’ve recommended that you donate $20. But any amount is appreciated!

There are three ways you can donate:

1. Donate online by credit card through the GLAD website, here.

2. Donate by mailing a check to GLAD with this form.

3. Donate through GLAD’s cause page on facebook, here. There is a donate link on the right side, underneath the GLAD logo.

DON’T FORGET TO WRITE THAT YOUR DONATION COMES FROM: “Vermont Students and Friends for Equality and Respect.” You can keep donating until SEPTEMBER 10TH. At that point, we’ll report on how much we’ve raised. We want to get our donations in as soon as possible. Let’s see how much we can raise by September 1st, before the WBC gets here!

Or, as I said earlier, I will bring any donations sent to me to the school in person on September 1 and get as close to the donation jar as I can. That’ll be a fun headline: “Local Methodist Pastor Arrested for Trespassing on School Property Claims She Was Trying to Show Some Love to GLAD.”

I encourage everyone to give to GLAD through the means stated above.


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