The silent NO.

Tomorrow is the day that Montpelier anticipates the arrival of the Westboro Baptist Church picketers, and our local paper is abuzz with letters to the editor and articles arguing for various responses (in addition to the GLAD donation program, which you can read about on my blog or visit at facebook here to learn about… Continue reading The silent NO.

News again

This time, I think even my staunchest, most conservative colleagues and friends can't argue with the position I've taken. Barre/Montpelier Times Argus: Montpelierites (including one Methodist pastor) debate whether to protest Westboro group. I do think I said pray and puzzle; I remember the alliteration. Other than that, a great article that points out the… Continue reading News again

What’s a Christian to Do?

Back from a lovely family vacation, and I learn online and from local media that the Westboro Baptist Church (no, I will not plug them with a link!) plans to visit my fair city next week. On September 1, Vermont's equal marriage bill goes into effect, and so the hate-sign toting anti-gay ignoramuses from the… Continue reading What’s a Christian to Do?

The Coolest Thing Since the Printing Press

I’m surprised that this didn’t make more of a splash when it came out a month or so ago. The Codex Sinaiticus project is updating and making available online the images and translations of a codex—a 1600-year-old bible, one of the oldest and most complete versions of the Christian Bible ever found. Why do I… Continue reading The Coolest Thing Since the Printing Press