Sermon: “Measuring what we don’t have”

Slide32“Measuring what we don’t have”

(July 26, 2009) Like the people of Israel, wandering in the desert, like the disciples of Jesus, trying to feed a multitude with a handful of bread and a couple fish, we are slow to believe that God’s abundance will be enough for us. We live instead in a mindset of scarcity, fearful that we won’t have enough. But now as then, Christ calls people out of fear and scarcity and into the faithful mindset of abundance, the radical, counter-cultural belief that if we take only what we need, there will indeed be enough. (Exodus 16:4-18, John 6:1-21)

Slide33credits: in this sermon, I used (with his permission) notes initially presented by Theodore Vickery, Troy Annual Conference chairperson of Council and Administration, from a training he attended with keynote speaker Gil Rendle. Additional references to Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money, and Will Samson, Enough: Contentment in an Age of Excess. The silly stuff is my own, complete with pie charts and my impersonation of Philip as the disciples’ financial officer, measuring what they don’t have on his old-fashioned adding machine.

4 thoughts on “Sermon: “Measuring what we don’t have””

  1. Another great and timeous (for me anyway) sermon, thanks 🙂 I’d never thought of the fish and loaves story in the context of econonomics (as broken as it is..).

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