You should watch this movie

I’m not having much luck with the embedding thing, so you’ll have to click links, sorry!

I’m very excited about this documentary coming out: No Impact Man. It follows Colin Beavan and his family in a one-year experiment to reduce their impact on the environment to zero (or close to it). The No Impact Man himself is also releasing a book and continues to operate his blog, detailing not only this project, but thoughts and reflections about what he and his family learned and tips for what others can do.

I’ve resonated with this project (I’m ashamed to say from a safe, comfortable distance with my latte in my hand) for some time, and with what it teaches us about having enough and living simply. I even preached a sermon about it just over a year ago. The reason I think the film is so great is that it looks like it brings a huge sense of humor and humility to the project, and brings it to a level where people can really relate. I think it’s one thing to read about some guy trying to do good; we think he’s showing off or has a guilty conscience or at the very least is really weird, much weirder than us and so we could never do that. Watching Colin and his wife and their daughter struggle through it, seeing their frustrations and their joys, makes it that much more real.

I can’t wait to screen the movie at church, and have the discussion about how each of us– and how we as a church– can reduce our dependence on stuff and our impact on the earth. Is it possible to have a No Impact Church?

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