Parting thoughts

I’m off to Troy Annual Conference, where I’m sure I’ll spend plenty of time blogging, tweeting, updating facebook status, and oh yeah doing exciting things like legislation and preaching to a huge audience and getting ordained.

I love conference.

But before I go, this happy thought from tonight’s Finance Committee portion of our Church Council/Finance Committee meeting.

First of all, understand that fear and anxiety around money has historically been pretty commonplace in my bigger church. They’ve been in a tough place financially, and that’s hard to get out of–not just in terms of the figures, but more importantly in terms of the mindset.

We had an hour and a half meeting. About half an hour of that was a conversation about parking which was tedious and frustrating, although necessary. But the other hour was about ministries and programs and goals and plans and ideas and people tripping over each other to try to get all the ideas out.

And this is the literal transcript of the Finance Committee portion:

Council Chair: So, Finance Committee. There’s no printed report. What do we need to know?

Finance Chair: Bills are paid.

Council Chair: Anything else?

Finance Chair: Nope. Bills are paid.

Council Chair: Anyone else? Anything else about finance?

(long pause…)

Pastor: Yes, I have something. I got my copy of the Conference Connection today, and it lists the churches that are paid in full for all of their apportionments for the first quarter. Our name is on the list. Excellent work.

(round of applause)

Council Chair: So, really, nothing else on finances? (another long pause). Right, then. Moving right along.

So. Incredibly. Proud of them.  *\o/*

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