Sermon: “It’s a God Thing”

lightning 3“It’s a God Thing”

(June 7, 2009) Transformation and salvation and the coming of peace and justice in the world are not things that come primarily from us, but from God. Inspired by a message delivered at the Young Adult Clergy Forum by Rev. Clayton Childers, General Board of Church and Society. (John 3:1-17)

because my recorder was temporarily missing (it’s been found, with both sermons intact! a miracle– depending on what you think of the sermons…), I recorded this sermon using my iPhone and its trusty old headphone mic. The trasfer was easier, so I’m wondering if you think the sound quality was about the same or better. I’m especially interested in your opinion, Clay. There was a feedback hum, which I think was caused by the proximity of the phone to the wireless mic receiver for the church sound system, but I tried to isolate and eliminate most of it in Audacity.

2 thoughts on “Sermon: “It’s a God Thing””

  1. First, I’m so impressed with your technological ability! 😀

    Second, I enjoyed this sermon very much especially since I heard the inspiration message as well, and I love how you tied everything together!

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