I’m not the only one who thinks substitution is bunk!

You really should check out this post by Angela on the Radical Love Project. It’s a super-good read on Jesus, attonement, and what is and is not important. Here’s a little teaser:

Jesus didn’t come here to die as payment for anything. I could go on all day about how that makes no sense at all, but I won’t. Because what’s much more interesting is why he did come here.

It reminds me of my mammoth post on attonement, which is longer and probably more boring, but you’re my friends, so you’re used to me rambling, right?

But Becca, you ask, why are you sending us on wild link-chases, rather than uploading your recent sermons? You’re two behind.

Yeah, about that. There’s an interesting thing. True story.

I think a dog ate them.

No kidding, my sermon from 5/24 *disappeared* from the recorder. As in, I pushed record and stop and it was there, a little audio file, all ready to be loaded in. Then a week went by. Then I recorded my sermon on 5/31, except there was no other sermon on the recorder. The battery was low, but that shouldn’t have effected the memory. Oh well, I can recap the important bit when I post the second sermon. I put the recorder in my pocket and came home from church. I took it out of my pocket and set it down…

Yeah, now the recorder has disappeared. With last week’s sermon still on it, and this week’s needing to be recorded. Total podcast FAIL.

3 thoughts on “I’m not the only one who thinks substitution is bunk!”

  1. When I saw the title I thought, “Oh, Becca must read Christian Century too!” Then I realized, maybe God is just helping my brain get reengaged in preparation for my Board papers this fall…

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