Sermon: Not of This Flock

susan-boyleSusan Boyle’s got Talent! (on YouTube)

(Embedding of Susan Boyle’s clip has been turned off, so you have follow the link if you haven’t seen it before– or want to see it again. I showed it toward the beginning of the sermon.)

“Not of This Flock”

(May 3, 2009) We can be quick to judge people, whether by their appearance, reputation, or isolated actions. Especially in the ‘least religious state’ (according to a recent study), it is easy to write off those who seem to not share our faith perspective. When we look deeper, however, we may find that the ones we have dismissed as “not of our flock” have a joy and faith and talent of their own. When they open their mouths, who knows what songs they might sing? (John 10:11-18, and Susan Boyle’s audition)

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