Sermon: Woven Together

"Woven Together" (April 26, 2009) If we take seriously that we are part of the fragile web of all that is, that our actions, for good or ill, impact the whole earth, then we must begin somewhere, even if it seems that we are starting small, to reverse the negative impact we have had on… Continue reading Sermon: Woven Together

Sermon: Believing is Seeing

(or watch the clip over on YouTube) I showed the above clip at the beginning of the sermon. I recommend starting with that. "Believing is Seeing" (April 19, 2009) Like Thomas, we are often too quick to trust our eyes, to rely on what's outside us to tell us who we are and what is… Continue reading Sermon: Believing is Seeing

Resurrection– not so much the what as the So What?

This comes from thoughts I posted on a discussion board at 7Villages, but I thought I'd post it here. It was framed as a yes/no question, but I think it's a question that might take months or years or decades or a lifetime to answer. I'm still answering it-- if not the initial part, the… Continue reading Resurrection– not so much the what as the So What?

Sermon: “Not the Savior I Wanted”

"Not the Savior I Wanted." (April 5, 2009, Palm/Passion Sunday) During the announcements at the conclusion of our Palm Sunday service there was an... intruder. This man, who was not behaving as we might expect or want, prompted not so much a sermon as a one-sided argument. Doesn't he always? You can't see the man… Continue reading Sermon: “Not the Savior I Wanted”

Sermon- Standing on the Promise: a Clean Slate

"Standing on the Promise: a Clean Slate" (March 29, 2009) God's new covenant in Christ gives us all a fresh start, a clean slate. While nothing can totally take away consequences or pain, we do not have to carry the burdens of our past failings, sins, and griefs through our whole lives (let alone into… Continue reading Sermon- Standing on the Promise: a Clean Slate