My husband

Because he sometimes thinks that I don’t say it enough, and really, can you ever? couplekiss

My husband overheard me tonight, describing him to a friend on the phone as my pillar of strength.

When I hung up, he looked at me a bit incredulously.

“Really? You think I’m a pillar of strength?” he asked, tears pricking at his eyes. “I don’t feel so much like a pillar right now.”

“Honey,” I said, “the brave ones are not the ones who never feel fear– those are reckless dumb—es.  Brave ones are those who stand up despite their fear. Pillars of strength are not the ones who never grieve, and never hurt. Those would be heartless, insensitive jerks. Pillars of strength are the ones who hold you up even though they feel weak.”

And he is. Sweet Jesus, every time I need him, he is.

5 thoughts on “My husband”

  1. Sometimes all a dad wants to do is hold his daughter’s head to his chest and rock her because that always comforted you when you were little. Then I read this and realize you were held and rocked and comforted by the best man in the world.
    I love you, honey.

  2. @James, thanks for your response.

    @Gavin, sorry to gross you out. I’ll try to stick to being divisive and speaking for all UMs everywhere in the future. 😉 Thanks for calling me quality people.


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