Turning Worlds Upside-Down 3

Keynote on Eliminating Poverty/Workshop: Eliminating Poverty as a means of Congregational Revitalization

(this would have been a powerful time to hear some firsthand stories of those who’ve lived or are living in poverty. there was a Rwandan refugee who lived in a camp in Malawi in my workshop later; I wish everyone could have heard her story)
1. hear the poor
2. accept the poor
3. serve the poor
Proverbs 31:8-9
opentable.org – local poverty
globalissues.org – poverty around the world
vaumc.org – see one conference’s resources for addressing poverty
mostly, we shared a lot of stories about what local churches have done to address poverty locally and globally, and how that brought some life to congregations/gave them a sense of purpose.

(I slept through the Keynote on Global Health. sorry, but my health took priority)

Workshop: Spiritual Health and Global Health

We need to get ahead of the curve and disrupt the causes of poverty and disease
Social infrastructure (one thing I did hear from the keynote)– technology and the delivery of services depends of relationships. many things are already in place and we simply need to connect the points.
Every spiritual leader should have a spiritual director and a prayer team

Signs of spiritual health:
prayer, seeking, humor, confidence, connection to community, non-anxious presence, joy, listening, learning, know/read/study/question scripture, fearlessness
Signs of global health:
prevention of disease, access to clean water, adequate nutrition, ample health care providers and medicine, hope for children & future, low/no child mortality, peace

Could we as a denomination (or conference, or local church) pledge to pay for sending each student on a mision trip for up to one year between high school and college?

Presenter: “My definition of sin is anything that diminishes life.”

Worship Networking Seminar

(good, but mostly stuff I did at my previous appointment and plan to do again)
in response to proclamation: what did you hear? where did you see God today? how is God working in you today? what will you do?
the traditional altar call gives opportunity for this response, but it doesn’t need to come in that format.
looks like I need to kick the worship team at Trinity up a notch (sorry guys, pastor’s on a mission!)
need greeter brochures, bookmarks, handouts; something to let visitors feel more engaged and to ease follow-up

books: The work of the People, by ? ; The Worship Workshop, by Marcia McFee

Stewardship Networking Seminar

(hey look at that; we learn new things if we go to workshops with people from other disciplines. fancy that)
I need to order those Special Sunday envelopes for both churches
encourage credit card giving only in conjunction with personal finance training–church can help people live into healthy finances and stewardship overall
what about those who give electronically, by direct deposit, or monthly/quarterly/not every week? how do we provide an opportunity for them to still witness to their faith and give a response to God? cards that say “i give monthly”? or note cards that can be used for thanks/prayers/information as well as something to put in the plate as a response?
people need to be taught to be givers!

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