40 ways for 40 days

We're all carbon addicts. We live lives dependent on goods and services being moved to where we are and dependent on our own ability to travel, buy, and use. I practice a couple of Lenten disciplines, usually centering around taking on something rather than giving something up (most often, an additional spiritual practice like extra… Continue reading 40 ways for 40 days

Flying again

I'm headed out of town again tomorrow after church. This time, I'm going to the young UMC clergy forum in Washington D.C., hosted by the Board of Church and Society. And this time, I'm bringing my laptop, so I won't be depending on my iPhone to blog with.

Um, Pastor, didn’t I see you at the State House?

Tomorrow is Visibility Day at the Vermont State House. It is a day for all those who support equal marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons to be seen and heard, to talk with their representatives, and to give voice to their support of full equality in marriage. I plan to be in attendance.… Continue reading Um, Pastor, didn’t I see you at the State House?

Turning Worlds Upside-Down 3

Keynote on Eliminating Poverty/Workshop: Eliminating Poverty as a means of Congregational Revitalization (this would have been a powerful time to hear some firsthand stories of those who've lived or are living in poverty. there was a Rwandan refugee who lived in a camp in Malawi in my workshop later; I wish everyone could have heard… Continue reading Turning Worlds Upside-Down 3