Sermon: What do you Know?

“What do you Know?”

(January 25, 2009) When Jesus calls the disciples, he calls them to what they know–fishing–but applied in a new way for God’s work in the world. So it is with us; God calls us through the gifts and passions and blessings we have. I share my own call story as an example of being called to what we know, but applying that gift to God’s service. (Mark 1:14-20)

My picture, and part of my call story: me at the age of four, playing ‘priest’ (I’m serving communion to my stuffed animals). It’s what I know and love!



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  1. […] hard part was that I really didn’t think I was a good candidate, spiritually speaking. At the the time I heard my call, I’d never read the whole Bible, I wasn’t much of a churchgoer, I was pretty new to […]

  2. […] following is a near-transcription of a sermon I preached about my […]

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