Prayer to open a session of the Vermont State Senate

Eternal Source of wisdom and justice, we still our scattered thoughts for a few moments this morning to call to mind the things for which we are thankful: for the beauty of this place we call home, for sunlight caught on glittering tree branches; for the remarkable revelation of your love around us, for the radiant smile of a child, a mentor, a stranger; for compassion and courage, fostered deep within us, prodding us to seek wholeness, well-being, and peace for ourselves and our siblings in the human family. These are gifts from you. Thank you.

Grant us this day, in all that we do, in matters personal and legislative, in moments of levity and of grave significance, the calm assurance of your wisdom working in and among us. From our place on this long arc of your history, bending ever toward justice, may we be peace-makers and justice-builders. May we earnestly seek your wisdom and guidance, trusting that in so doing, we also strive for what is best for our communities, our state, our country, our world.

Holy One, may we be some small part of your wisdom and justice, given to the world this day. Amen.

(As a member of the faith community in Montpelier, I have been invited to open the Senate and House sessions in prayer, approximately once a month [each]. This is a great honor and also a lot of fun, I think. There are guidelines about being interfaith/ecumenical and non-partisan, but other than that, it’s an opportunity to bring a little of my flavor of ministry and prayer into a very different setting. Unless otherwise noted, these prayers will be written by me and delivered by me at the beginning of the session for the day.)


7 Responses

  1. When I was talking myself out of a voice persuading Virginians and Pennsylvanians to vote for Obama, I kept telling the lead organizers that they needed to have Rev. Becca say the invocation in January.

    I meant in Washington, so they got part of it right.

  2. Shouldn’t you mention that you delivered this speech to the Senate in person?

  3. I was hoping that it was delivered in person, not via blog post. Thanks to B for providing confirmation!

  4. Better, gents?

  5. @ John, I’m way more fun than Rick Warren, and less controversial, if only because I’m slightly less well-known…

  6. Wow! I’m forwarding this to my pastor. Do keep us informed.

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