Feedback wanted

Hi folks, when you have a few free minutes (this week? ha!), could you do me a favor and check out my ‘Virtual Worship‘ link on Trinity UMC’s website?

For the second week in a row, we had little or no heat in the sanctuary, and this week there was a severe weather warning, so we went home from church early. I wanted a way for people to feel like they’ve participated even if they couldn’t make it to church or had to leave early due to weather (or temperatures below 50!), but I also wanted it to be engaging, and I’m finding text to be a hard way to do that.

This was something I was planning to leave up all the time, only changing prayers every once in a while (the sermon will be updated because it’s a link here), so it’s relatively low maintenance.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Feedback wanted”

  1. By the way, I do not recall if you mentioned details about it before and I did not either remember or read them, but what is up with the heat problems at the church? Is it something with the furnace or paying the fuel bill?

  2. I like it, but I would change it each week to provide a direct link to that week’s sermon, and maybe also a direct link to a particular hymn suggestion. That way people don’t have to click around too much to get to what they need.

  3. I like the idea and think it has great potential especially for people who are shut it, homebound or challenged by weather and/or physical limitations. One initial thought is to provide some instructions on different versions of lectio divina for the reflection part. Give the reader a more active role in engaging with the reading or the sermon.

  4. @mwb, the furnace has needed major repairs over the past week, and the thermostat in the sanctuary is not responding to the pre-programming (to get the sanctuary warm by 10, the heat needs to come on at about 5 or 6). Hopefully we have it worked out, but in any case we’re manually turning it on Wednesday so it’ll be warm by 8 pm Christmas Eve.

    @kmcdade, I do think regular updates are a good idea, but I worry about losing track of it and making it really and obviously outdated! On this front, I’m on my own here.

    @Dad, Lectio Devina is a good idea. And it would be good for shut ins, assuming they have internet access. I knew you meant shut ins. and that would be ‘first,’ not ‘forst’, right? 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Shalom!

    Well, I like it and appreciate your effort! Would it help to have additional links to additional worship resources, such as a British site I saw some time ago that is a virtual labyrinth?


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