Unwinding, kid style

Normally, the week before/of Christmas, I buy myself an hour with a spa in town and get a deep-tissue massage. It makes me a much better pastor on Christmas Eve, and a much better wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend on the days after Christmas.

This year, due to being new in town and not having scoped out the spas yet, and due to the shortage of funds because several big things have broken lately (cell phones, cars, you know, things like *that*), I didn’t get a massage.

But my daughter got a little indoor play tent as an early Christmas gift from my in-laws, with whom we celebrated Christmas this weekend (when two of the three families involved have pastor-moms serving in different states, getting together on the actual Christmas Day is an impossibility), and we set it up the the basement/family room. We turned off all the lights, save for a night light of hers that casts stars on the ceiling, turned on some sound effects of crickets and wind and owls on the surround sound, and lit a pine scented candle as a campfire, and she and I spent half the morning ‘exploring the forrest’ with flashlights and huddling up in the tent– well, mostly in; my legs stick out.

Now, it hasn’t done much for the state of my shoulder and neck muscles, which are still ripcord tight, but other than that, I’m about as relaxed as can be this week, having camped with my kid.

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