I have determined that Advent 2 hates me.

I was dragging yesterday in a bad way. It might have been the lack of coffee. It might have been that the sermon just didn’t come together as I had hoped. In attempt to help myself out, on Saturday I looked up my sermon for Advent 2, 2005, which was on the same texts and topic I was planning to use (the ‘bulldozing’ effect of God’s justice, bringing low the mountains and lifting up the valleys, a redistributive justice, if you will).

I’ve been recording my sermons for five advents now (remember, I use notes, not a manuscript, so the recording is the only record). Advent 2, 2005 was not recorded.

Fine. I must have said something similar in 2004. or 2006. or last year.

None of them were recorded. None of them were archived. None of them seem to exist.

So I made do with what little inspiration I was given this week, and it wasn’t half bad, and got a bit better by the second time I preached it. Which was when I went looking for my mp3 recorder to capture this year’s Advent 2 sermon. Only to find that I’d left it at home.

You’d think that this topic– the convergence of the birth of Christ and the prophetic call for justice for all– would be one I’d not only love to preach on, but would have whole files saved. Yep, five years, and not a single recorded sermon on Isaiah 40:1-11. How can that even be? (where’s the justice in that??) Maybe next year.

Oh well. My Advent 3 sermons were pretty good, if not what I had expected to preach on next week. The cycle starts again.

2 thoughts on “I have determined that Advent 2 hates me.”

  1. That’d be funny if it weren’t a little sad.

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve left the minidisc at home, or failed to charge it, or even *forgotten to press RECORD* even when the recorder is sitting next to me…well, I’d make a very large charitable donation to the People Who Can’t Master Technology society.

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