Sermon: “Glory, Gratitude, and Goyim”

“Glory, Gratitude, and Goyim

( November 23, 2008 ) Ten lepers receive healing from Jesus and more than that– restoration into the community from which they had been isolated. But for one leper, a Samaritan, the blessing is also a refutation of the things that had once kept him apart, and an invitation where he was once excluded. Such is the grace that transcends our insignificant divisions! (Luke 17:11-19)

4 thoughts on “Sermon: “Glory, Gratitude, and Goyim””

  1. Hi Becca, I listen to this sermon and enjoyed it, thank you. Your interpretation of the leper story was a blessing to me. Thanks for your kind words about me and that I am always welcome at your church. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sermon kept me glued to my seat. (I was one of those choir kids who liked communion Sunday best because it meant no sermon!). Also, the words seem to speak you, Becca, just to pour out, no “umms” and “ahs”, every word exactly right.

  3. @John,

    Thanks for listening! I’m glad the sermon held your attention, even without communion 😉 I don’t know that I feel like every word is right, but I certainly do love to talk, and sometimes it feels like the words are just saying themselves. Of course this happens even when I’m not preaching, causing those who live with me no end of headaches!

    Thank you very much for your kind words.


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