Highest Praise

What is the greatest compliment you’ve received?

For me, the highest praise I get is when congregants tell me that my loving spirit is contagious, or even more, when they tell me that they can tell how much I love Jesus. See, I do– love Jesus that is– but it’s not really something I write about or talk about a lot. It’s kind of weird. I’d rather talk about how we all show our love of God by loving people. That Jesus stuff is a little specific and hard-core. I know, I’m a pastor, right? I should be talking about my great love of Jesus all the time. I should say how I love Jesus at least as much as I say I love coffee. But I don’t. I must be the world’s worst evangelist.

And that’s why it’s so special to me when a person says they can tell that I love Jesus, that I sort of exude it. Not that it’s an excuse to not talk about loving Jesus, but at least I know it’s actually coming across as part of who I am.

So what compliments do you treasure?

6 thoughts on “Highest Praise”

  1. One day about 15 years ago, when my two boys were small, the three of us took the bus in from Arlington (where we lived) to Harvard Square for an outing, as we often did. We were chatting away the whole ride in, I’m sure. When we reached the end of the line, a middle-aged woman on the bus stopped on her way off the bus to tell me how lucky my boys were to have me as a mother. I will treasure those kind words forever.

  2. When I worked at Wollaston, I was the only woman pastor they had ever had. Toward the end of my time there, a woman in the congregation came up to me and said, “Pastor Heather, I never thought that woman should be pastors, but then I met you. It is so evident that God has grace you with the gifts required for ministry, how could God not want you to be a pastor.” It melted my heart!

  3. @Fr. Joe,

    Not to be a total bragger, but how about when one of your students enters ministry and does a pretty darn good job of it so far? And it’s cliche, but true: I learned from some of the very best.


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