Highest Praise

What is the greatest compliment you’ve received?

For me, the highest praise I get is when congregants tell me that my loving spirit is contagious, or even more, when they tell me that they can tell how much I love Jesus. See, I do– love Jesus that is– but it’s not really something I write about or talk about a lot. It’s kind of weird. I’d rather talk about how we all show our love of God by loving people. That Jesus stuff is a little specific and hard-core. I know, I’m a pastor, right? I should be talking about my great love of Jesus all the time. I should say how I love Jesus at least as much as I say I love coffee. But I don’t. I must be the world’s worst evangelist.

And that’s why it’s so special to me when a person says they can tell that I love Jesus, that I sort of exude it. Not that it’s an excuse to not talk about loving Jesus, but at least I know it’s actually coming across as part of who I am.

So what compliments do you treasure?