One of my two churches is finally ready to unveil our new website! Take a gander at Trinity UMC online and tell me what you think.

On an unrelated note, I had to buy my ever-growing baby new underwear– from the girl’s section, not the toddler’s. *sniff* It goes so fast! Hug a kid you love today.

8 thoughts on “Webspace”

  1. love the webpage!!! really fantastic (and i *love* the banner on the main page.) i can’t wait to check it out. (fyi, typo on your address uniited states – random, but for some reason i caught it.) i also think it’s great that your church hosts alanon and aba support.

    anyway, major kudos to whoever put that page together – it’s gorgeous, useable, and makes me want to participate online and in person. (it’d be really cool if your joys/concerns page was almost like a forum so that users could add their own joys/concerns and “pray” with each other.)

    and now as an aside: did you really just get misty about underwear??? 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m a BU School of Theology student who found your blog through Hacking Christianity and I’ve been lurking here for about 9 mos. I checked out your church’s website… does your church have no children’s and youth ministries? I’m used to churches that do, even if the youth group is all of 5 people. No ministry for young folks just really stood out to me, although it’s great that your church is social justice-oriented. You’re certainly doing much more work in that area than my home church in Ohio, and we worship about 100 on Sundays.

  3. tyop on visitors’ page: “There is no dress code – spoken or sunspoken…”

    The site relies heavily on images and Javascript; you should run it through an accessibility checker and see if everyone can read it.

    The visitors’ page is good, but does not tell prospective visitors whether they will be publicly introduced without their permission, asked to stand up and say hello, or otherwise embarassed as many churches do.

  4. There’s a lot of stuff on the “Joys and Concerns” page that the world really might not need to know. Did the members, when they submitted these items, agree to have them put on the Web site, or were they for local use only?

  5. Overall, though, it’s quite concise and informative, and I’ll check it now and then to see if there are any new ideas that I want to steal for my site. 😉

  6. Thanks for the comments so far folks!

    Ru and anon, I fixed the two typos you found. Thanks for the close reading! And since both of you asked about the prayer section, my personal preference would be for that to be a users-only interractive bulletin board, but I’m not code-savvy enough to make it so. We’re working on it, though. For the time being, anaon, I removed specifics and last names (this week’s list of prayers was more specific than they have been in the past). People do know that they will be emailed and posted, but I’m not sure they realize the ramifications of that, so we’ll need to keep talking about it, and working on how that’s done.

    I’m thinking of a way of telling people they won’t be singled out. I typed and deleted a sentence to that effect about ten times, and haven’t found one I liked. It is something that visitors worry about, and it won’t happen with me in the pulpit, but I don;t know how to speak to that policy just yet.


  7. @Carolyn,

    Thanks for de-lurking!

    Sadly, you have not spotted an ommission in the website, but an ommission in our ministry. Currently, we have nursery care for the young children, which meets with Safe Sanctuaries code and everything. We have no Sunday School for school-age kids (all two of them stay in the service) and no youth group for teens (the one teen boy, who is the older brother of the aforementioned school age kids). And yes, I know that the reason there is only one family’s worth of children and youth is because we don’t have programs for them. We are in the process (which predates my tenure as pastor!) of hiring a Christian Education/ Youth group person to start and maintain these programs, with the help of the congregation and myself, but we have nothing to announce yet. In a week or so, we’re actually putting up a special announcements page (for things like Christmas Eve worship times) and I think mentioning the progress on the Christian Ed director search would be a good thing to include, because it would let people know that we are not forgetting about the kids, just not there yet. We’re moving on to perfection– okay, toward a good start anyway.

    Thanks for your comments; it got me thinking about what is said by what we *don’t* say about our ministry programs!


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