Sermon: All In

“All In”

( November 16, 2008 ) Two of the three servants in the Gospel reading take a risk and it pays off, but the third, acting out of fear, stifles the gifts he’s been given and allows fear to rule him. When we come to give of our gifts, do we act out of fear or do we push ourselves beyond fear and act out of faith? In my first church, I spoke mostly about finding the courage to invite people to church, as that is a greater need in that congregation, and in the second church (as recorded) focused on financial giving. (Matthew 25:14-30)

[click here for a chart similar to the one I mentioned]

2 thoughts on “Sermon: All In”

  1. If it is possible to do so in some fashion, it might be help to add attachments of copies of the insert you mentioned (e.g., the chart) within your sermon so those who listen to your podcast(s) would have it on hand as a matter of reference.

    It is just a thought.

    By the way, the new Trinity UMC Website looks great. Good work!

  2. @Morgan, thanks for listening so closely! I don’t actually have the chart in digital form (nor do I think I actually have the rights to distribute it), but I’ll poke around and see if there’s something fair share on the internet. And thanks for mentioning the Trinity website! That reminds me I should plug it!


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