Sermon: Look Again

stare at the four dots in the middle for 20-30 seconds, then close your eyes.
stare at the four dots in the middle for 20-30 seconds, then close your eyes.

“Look Again”

( November 9, 2008 ) We often ignore the gift of God’s presence in those around us– a gift we both give and receive. Sometimes, we just need to look closer, look harder, look again, and see Christ in the people we meet, even and especially those who might otherwise be overlooked and ignored. (Matthew 25: 31-46)

[hey! you can hear me!]

3 thoughts on “Sermon: Look Again”

  1. Excellent sermon!

    Keep ’em coming!

    I really like being able to listen to your sermons online without having to sit in a pew on Sunday, particularly since I am not a church going type and also have trouble with attending certain social gatherings on a regular basis as well; plus, now I am inside for the Winter again, I also do not have transportation other than when the buses run and they do not run on Sundays.

    Anyway, this sort of made me think that you should consider adding a ‘mission donation jar’ to the top of one of the side columns of your blog in order to give people who visit your blog and listen to your sermons the option of donating to whatever you decide to have such donations go toward.

  2. i love that there’s a heart in the design. and that though i knew what it was i couldn’t tell how iconic the image was until i closed my eyes. fantastic design.

  3. @mwb, I’m glad that the format works (and the recording quality has finally improved!) for hose who can’t make it to church or for whom church isn’t their ‘thing.’ In this day and age accessibility, proximity, and worship style or comfort should not limit ministry. I like your suggestion about donations to causes. i don’t know if wordpress supports that or how it might work, but I’ll think more on it.

    @Ru, I love my artist sis! I think the iconic nature of the image has as much to do with cultural expectations and gestault as it does with the design, but it’s woerd how it works.


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