Sermon: Don’t Panic!

“Don’t Panic!”

( October 12, 2008 ) News headlines– and the pressures of our own lives– give us plenty to worry about, and from places of fear we can either be foolishly reactive or closed-down and inactive. Fortunately, we worship a God who tells us not to live out of fear, and gives us words that are helpful advice, no matter how rough our travels (hitchhiking?) might be. (Philippians 4:4-9)

[okay, so this recorder is a little better and you can hear what I say, but it sounds a little like I’m standing next to a waterfall (rather than inside a tin can). I think the mic was set too sensitively. I’ll try one more time, and then I’m wiring myself directly to the recorder! Yes, actually, the sound system in my church really is that, um, bad.]

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