Church, meet State; State, Church

Nice to meet you, shake hands, and go your separate ways. That's the appropriate relationship between you. Any further fraternizing, and somebody's in danger of having a nasty and illicit affair. In the midst of the economic problems and the partisan and non-partisan struggles to fix them, what caught my attention this weekend were the… Continue reading Church, meet State; State, Church

Sermon: Broken Into Love (2)

"Broken Into Love" ( September 28, 2008 ) Drawing on my two years' experience with the Adopta Una Familia volunteer trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador, I ask, what does it mean to live out a Gospel that teaches blessing for the poor and woe for the rich? (Luke 6:20-31) [this is my first attempt at recording… Continue reading Sermon: Broken Into Love (2)

Its not homelessness, it’s houselessness.*

My husband commented in my previous post that my conversation marked a mere beginning in a chapter of my ministry, and he was right. My education about homelessness in Montpelier continued today, mostly in the form of a conversation over lunch with a wise man and fellow blogger, who has lots of insight into politics,… Continue reading Its not homelessness, it’s houselessness.*

Well begun is half (hey I hope not!) done

My first worship services on Sunday went really well, especially considering how bewildered I felt for most of them! I actually think that having two churches will be an interesting challenge-- it was already cool to see how the same service elements (hymns, prayers, etc) play differently for different crowds, and how the same sermon… Continue reading Well begun is half (hey I hope not!) done