Home Sweet Home

Sorry for the delay– had a little trouble finding the keyboard in the move, and I wasn’t about to blog using the clicky-on-screen thing. ick.

First of all, Sunday’s farewell service was wonderful. The liturgy I found online (thank you, Mennonites!) was much better than that thing in the UM book of Worship, and then the lunch was packed with people from the church and the community. Back at the house, 18 adults (and five kids) helped us pack up the last few boxes and then laugh the night away in bittersweet time together.

I had on a pretty good game face all day and night, too. A little misty, but no tears.

Likewise in the morning, when I had a few visitors (laymember B and Lutheran colleague A) and returned stuff to a few ‘forgettful’ friends (yeah right, M and L, I know you just wanted to see me again). Misty, but kept the tears in. Mostly anyway.

I have to say that I know a few colleagues who pack themselves, who have very few people to help them in saying goodbye and hello. I may have just transferred the world’s smallest balance from one bank to another, but I tell you, I think I am the richest woman in the world.

Enough of that, or I’ll get misty again.

So all that tear-less mistiness had to go somewhere, and the drive from Albany to Montpelier (well, Warren, actually) on Monday, much later than I’d hoped, was a pretty blurry one. I was missing my buddies something awful.

Still am.

Anyway, the move in was Tuesday morning, and my Mom stayed for Tuesday and Wednesday (because she couldn’t leave me alone without a car, since my battery went kaput Tuesday night in the grocery store parking lot–love VT; about six people offered to try to jump-start the car/stay with me until my ride came. A day and a new battery later, and all is well). In that two day time, we got a lot of unpacking done, and the place already feels like a home. Another week or so, and I’ll have enough floor space that people could comes stay overnight, so make your reservations now!

I’ve met a few more members of the Montpelier church and the secretary, who I already adore (she gave me a big hug!). Ari is loving her new school (although she had to take a day off due to a fever), and Benji is working hard and loving it in his new school as well. The local family members (my mother and his sister and brother in law) are glad to have us so close.

But the best part is that, much as we miss our NY friends, we don’t miss NY. Nope, it is good to be back home in the Green Mountain State. Can’t wait to get those green plates on my car! I got in a long discussion in the grocery checkout line about whether or not one should use a bluetooth headset for one’s phone while driving; I was cheerily greeted by a friendly postal worker (going postal makes no sense in VT!), and I feel the freshness (okay and the chill) in the air. Of course, I’ve also had near misses with about 18 pedestrians– Vermonters have such faith in the law that one yield to pedestrians that they (or, uh, we) sort of stop looking for cars. Even so, it feels right. Wish I could have brought my NY buds up here with me, and all would be complete.

Between the feeling of peace and the insane manual labor of sorting through boxes, hanging shades (that was about the toughest thing ever!), and chasing an excited if off-routine toddler, I’m sleeping better than I have in… well, given how dark and quiet it is here, I’m sleeping better than I have since I last lived in Vermont, count it, eleven years ago.

The Exile has returned.

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