hiatus (and olympic spoilers)

We interrupt your Ecuador blog-a-thon for this important message:

There are a few things for which it is worth staying up until nearly 2 a.m. On a work day. On a day your daughter decides to wake up early.

Watching an American win the women’s all-around gymnastic title for the third time in history– that’s one of them. Watching two Americans go one-two in the women’s all-around gymnastic competition for the first time ever– that’s priceless.

1 thought on “hiatus (and olympic spoilers)”

  1. I fell asleep just as the floor routines were beginning — woke up on the couch with the television blaring at 4:30am. I wasn’t terribly engaged in gymnastics at all this year — neither Nastia nor Shawn had enough oomph to really keep my attention from wandering (or keep me awake), which is a first since 1984. That said, I’m thrilled that our countrywomen did so very well in competition, and look forward to catching clips down the road.

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