Safe Arrival

As always, the keyboards here leave much to be desired, so bear with me.

After a nasty day of travel, we arrived at the barrio last night (or I guess it was early this morning) at 12:30 am local time, which is 1:30 am eastern time.The members of my family who were awake were glad to see me, and I´ve been meeting up with more family and friends as the day had gone on.

The big disappointment is that the house we worked on last year is not finished. My family has electricty, but not running water, no tile, no paint. No bathroom. Someone ran out of money, but whether it was my family who ran out and there`s something I or others can do, or whether the project ran out, I have yet to understand. So the house is not much different than we left it.

The other problem is that there are a lot of activities scheduled for the North Americans in terms of sight-seeing, and not a lot of free time with our families. I`m currently pretending to be sick, so I can spend the afternoon with my host family (who wanted to take me to the cyber cafe so that one of them could email–ahem–one of you), rather than on a boat tour.

We did take a tour this morning of several houses in various states of construction, and the community center, Mi Cometa, which is so changed I hardly recognized it. What a relatively small program has accomplshed in ten years brought tears to my eyes. It is staggering, what a small group of people, motivated by great love, can do.

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