Safe Arrival

As always, the keyboards here leave much to be desired, so bear with me. After a nasty day of travel, we arrived at the barrio last night (or I guess it was early this morning) at 12:30 am local time, which is 1:30 am eastern time.The members of my family who were awake were glad… Continue reading Safe Arrival

Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/7, 12:34 a.m.)

Early rising this morning, and at Laguardia by 7, where I met the rest of the reunion group around 9:30. Flight to Miami was uneventful, but the layover was long and we were inexplicably delayed. First disappointment: we got into Guayaquil and through customs at about 11 local time, which felt like midnight to us.… Continue reading Casa de Mera, Guayaquil, Ecuador (8/7, 12:34 a.m.)