Just Say It.

If there’s a pastor in town who doesn’t have a funeral this week, I want to know who it is (because s/he must have some magic protection on the congregation, and I want it). It’s a bad week, especially for unexpected deaths. Especially for young men. And the funeral director’s own father, the former funeral home director and a pillar of the community, also passed away.

Tomorrow I am celebrating the life of a young man who died of massive heart failure at 39 (so this is my reminder to all of you to practice good health and see your doctor regularly). The night before his death, he spoke to his mother on the phone and told her he loved her.

A simple, from the gut reminder: got a friend? a parent? a child? Take a moment today and give a call, stop by, send a flower, give a hug. Tell them you love them. Don’t wait. Don’t dally.

Just say it.

3 thoughts on “Just Say It.”

  1. my wife betsy left late last night for a funeral in PA this morning. her best friend’s mom, who practically raised betsy when she was in elementary school; she was only 63. it’s been a tough week for a number of reasons. if you think about it, could you put us on your prayer list for the next couple days?

  2. As I head out to the memorial service,

    @Pete- so it’s not just in this town; sad to hear it. May your service be a blessing to the family and community and speak of the love and the hope that is ours in Christ.

    @sean- Such sad news. I have a long list of prayers for those who are mourning this week, and I will certainly add Betsy and her friend and the family to my prayers. And you too, it sounds like.

    @the world- see, watch us build something like a network of love and support although we have never met in person. I think the incarnate Christ lives in bytes and cyberspace as well as in cells and hugs.

    Blessings and peace,

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