Title help!

Okay, this week’s lectionary is all about the power of little things, the subversive might of potent mustard and hidden treasure, and yeast kneaded through unsuspecting dough.

But I’m already having a hard time with the title. I can’t get away from referneces that are either very Star Wars (and I don’t need to continue to date myself!) or references that are even less appropriate.

So what’s a church-friendly, multi-generational way to say that size is not important?

And, without using Frodo, Yoda, or Mighty Mouse, what other ways might you communicate that little things and little people can be the might that topples the Empire?

3 thoughts on “Title help!”

  1. i’ve always liked the tennessee williams quote:,”The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.” not sure if i’m interpreting it correclty but it seems to speak of the mustard seed theme as well.

    maybe you could call it “violets in the mountains” and then reference that??

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