Signs of life

Sorry about the dead air for a bit there. A few things going on that I will share soon.

A great story about hospitality that will have to wait a day or two.

A pondering: what to call this week’s sermon? I’m positive I’m the only person in the sanctuary who would have understood the title I thought of first: “parenting, ur doin it rong.” Instead, I went with “Lessons in What Not to Do,” at least, until I change it.

I could reflect on why it’s hard to title sermons and stories and such for me, but that might take some time.

For now, it’s about the most beautiful day ever, and my little girl wants to run outside. Who am I to argue with that?

2 thoughts on “Signs of life”

  1. ha! you could put the kitty on the front of the bulletin and everything!!!

    no?? aw, shucks.

    (by the by, the student chiro office at school has a full page print out of the kiropracsin bunneh on their door. i laugh every time.)

  2. I’ve taken the challenge too and I’m also preaching on good ol’ Isaac. Your blog was very informative and helpful. Perhaps we can have dueling podcasts? 😉 I’ll get out my banjo.

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