Great meetings

Meetings are one of those things that go up and down in the church where I serve. Sometimes, the Lay Leader and I are the only ones who show up, and we spend about twenty minutes staring at each other and then go home. On those nights, I feel horribly discouraged, like there’s something missing in the life of the church, or people don’t feel engaged and included in the ministry we’re doing.

Then I have nights like tonight, where the meetings are wonderful, and it serves to remind me that those other nights must just be a poor alignment of the planets (or people’s schedules).

Tonight I had Staff-Parish Relations Committee and Worship Team back to back. we had nearly the entire SPRC team show up, and spent about 45 minutes coming up with some proactive ideas we want to do this summer and reflecting on our ministry together. Then about half the people stayed for Worship Team, and we shared some exciting ideas about fun things to do this summer, including trying to have a service outside (possibly even at a park or something). Again, we finished within the hour.

Now what made the difference tonight? What made everything just click and fall in line that doesn’t always happen? I can’t tell you. I’d say the Spirit was moving tonight, but that might suggest that she’s not moving other nights, and that’s not true.

What about you? Are there particular times in your life when things seem to click? What makes the difference for you?

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