Side note- why I, er, Facebook

Related to my previous post about blogging, there is something to be said for Facebook, where I’m a relative newbie, but the idea is growing on me (and not just because of the Text Twist either!).

It’s strength is the sheer momentum of numbers. Everyone and their grandmother is there. Well, my kid’s grandmothers are there, anyway, all three of ’em. And since there are so many people there, you are bound to find someone to chat with.

Yesterday, I had a virtual Facebook-chat conversation with one of my best friends in seminary. We were both working on our sermons on Genesis 18, and we traded a few ideas between catching up about spouses and daughters and such. For extroverts like me, who need to say what they think before they know what they think, the preaching moment can be a bit interesting. Much better if we can talk it over together first.

So I had my first experience of real-time virtual exegesis, and it was pretty cool.

This morning’s Facebook chat, by contrast, informed me that there is going to be an opera version of Brokeback Mountain, which I find less cool.

2 thoughts on “Side note- why I, er, Facebook”

  1. @msharma,

    I was skeptical at first, but it has begun to grown on me. It has its applications. I think it can be very time consuming, too (all the sending of flowers and pokes and things), but can also be a way to connect with friends old and new.


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