Side note- why I, er, Facebook

Related to my previous post about blogging, there is something to be said for Facebook, where I'm a relative newbie, but the idea is growing on me (and not just because of the Text Twist either!). It's strength is the sheer momentum of numbers. Everyone and their grandmother is there. Well, my kid's grandmothers are… Continue reading Side note- why I, er, Facebook

Why I Blog

I was asked by a friend recently how I found the time to write so much on the internet. While there are lots of good reasons to blog, the truth is I do so for--initially--selfish reasons. I love it. It keeps me sane. It helps me think. It keeps me connected to my friends and… Continue reading Why I Blog

(mostly cheating) Evangelism through Eucharist- Keynote 2

The second half of Dr. Bryan Stone's keynote addresses to Troy Annual Conference 2008 (read the first half here). As before, I wrote this for the Troy AC Communications team, so the work was already done for (but also by!) me, but this one hasn't been posted at the Troy AC website yet, so it's… Continue reading (mostly cheating) Evangelism through Eucharist- Keynote 2