Worth a thousand words

discussion during the boundaries conversation. Photo by Nick Morrow, Troy AC communicationsThus far, we’ve been blessedly unsuccessful in finding pictures of me bawling all over the place (it pays to have friends on the communications team who can head such things off at the pass), but there’s this lovely gem from the discussion part. On my right, pre-snot, is Ted the soon-to-be human hankie, and to my left, a colleague speaking about the hopeful future Vermont will enjoy as part of New England. And me, smack dab in the middle, looking like the vision of hope and non-anxious presence. oy.

such a lovely face... I swear, the look on my face (yeah, here you go, nice and big for you) is poorly-controlled sorrow, not a reflection of my feelings for the speaker or for the Conference to which he (and who knows, I) may soon belong.

Well, at least we know I’m not going to quit my day job and play poker. Besides, the UMC frowns on gambling. Not as much as I frown, apparently, but it frowns nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Worth a thousand words”

  1. @will, but I’m really such a happy person! I smile a lot, honest! And hey, there’s a reason I’m in a faith and a denomination that is All. About. Grace. God has to cut me some, cuz I sure don’t give myself any.

    @megan, aw, your dad is too sweet! I’d love to see ’em! I was crying then too, but much much happier tears.

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