Worth a thousand words

Thus far, we've been blessedly unsuccessful in finding pictures of me bawling all over the place (it pays to have friends on the communications team who can head such things off at the pass), but there's this lovely gem from the discussion part. On my right, pre-snot, is Ted the soon-to-be human hankie, and to… Continue reading Worth a thousand words

In the (other) News

It seems that crying in front of 600 people constitutes 'human interest.' I was interviewed by the local paper yesterday, for a story they plan to do on the changing Conference Boundaries. They talked to someone in the Conference office about the details-- which for many of my non-Methodist readers are probably still a little… Continue reading In the (other) News

(totally cheating) Evangelism in the Empire– Keynote 1

Since I didn't preach this week, I bring you the keynote addresses from our Annual Conference where, in one of my many hats, I wrote up articles about the keynotes given by my former professor, Dr. Bryan Stone. (for fun, kids, diagram that sentence) And to totally cheat, I'm just pasting in the articles. The… Continue reading (totally cheating) Evangelism in the Empire– Keynote 1