Distance, perspective, and sleep

Time heals all things. Eventually, anyway.

The family crisis is far from resolved, although it is in essence over. Time will heal that wound too, but it will take more than a weekend. I am so grateful that I could spend Saturday and Sunday with my family.

I really have one of the most wonderful congregations on the planet. My lay delegate took the laptop home from Conference and helped lead the Children’s Sunday service I had planned for the week, so that I could go directly from Conference to Vermont. I was later told that church went “as well as it could” and that I was under strict orders to take a couple of days off. What wonderful people.

Conference ended uneventfully and well, with the unanimous passage of the budget report (koalas and all), and lots of farewell hugs. I enjoyed Saturday morning, in fact, even if I was really bleary-eyed, and even if I did have people handing me tissues just in case whenever I walked in the room. What can I say? I’m the wysiwyg pastor– what you see is certainly what you get, and I’m nothing if not authentic. Yes, that means that sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve, and my snot on everyone else’s. that’s me; take it or leave it (but if you take it, carry a handkerchief).

Removed from the immediate grief and the exhaustion of Conference and reflecting on some powerful words and conversations that I’ve had over the past couple of days, I feel worlds better, and am ready to make the most of the wonderful time that remains in Troy Annual Conference, apply to be ordained in the final class of that body, and then work to get my membership and my appointment where my heart lies, wherever that happens to be. I hope for a while at least I might be a member of one conference and serving in another, and then I’d simply have to go to both and see twice the wonderful people!

2 thoughts on “Distance, perspective, and sleep”

  1. Becca,
    I want to be you when I grow up! You wrote so wonderfully about conference. I am so glad that we spent so much time together!

  2. @Kristen, I’m not that much older than you! Make me feel ancient, why don’t you? I loved spending time with you too, and I’m glad we’re neighbors.

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