The day cynicism died

I’m headed off in a couple of hours to the Troy Annual Conference Session (the second-to-last one ever). At this session, I’ll be busier than a bee with worship team and theological diversity team and being the roving reporter for the communications team and presenting with the boundaries team. We’ll be talking about the future of our conference, which has to merge with neighboring ones because we are too small. Will we stay together in our merging, or will Vermont go a separate way? Painful times filled with turmoil, and it’s hard for me to keep an attitude that God works in all things when I see yet another family that I love about to be split in two.

And yet, at this conference a talented and beautiful friend will be ordained, giving hope to the future of our church. I will meet with a team prepared to give money to a food pantry ministry my ecumenical group is working on in town. I will spend four days with my dear friends and colleagues. And this morning, I woke up in an America with the first-ever non-caucasian Presidential nominee, well on his way to being the first President my three-year-old will remember.

It may be dark and rainy outside, and I may have to do eight hundred things (including unclog the toilet where said three year old deposited large amounts of tissue) before I leave the house, but it’s hard not to smile and send up a prayer of thanks on a day like today. I hear the birds outside the window, and for a moment, thinking, blogging, ignoring the half-filled suitcase, I’m in a perfect peace.

2 thoughts on “The day cynicism died”

  1. @ will: thank you. I knew something looked wrong, but it seems the spell checker didn’t check the title…

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