The importance of self (and family)- care

As of the conclusion of yesterday’s church service, (and its sermon, “God’s Team“), I am on vacation for one week. So far, I’ve had to resist 1. getting involved in the church’s desperate efforts to put together a Memorial Day float, 2. overseeing the construction of the church memorial garden, the design of which has been changed a bit last minute and will probably upset those not involved in that, if my answering machine is to be believed and 3. calling a congregant who I know is in crisis. That last one I think I’m going to cave on tonight.

Don’t hear this as fishing for compliments (no, your sermon was soo great!), but I can *tell* when I need a break from preaching and I’m actually a little surprised that my congregants don’t pick up on it or if they do, don’t mention it to me. Um, pastor, that was pretty much the same sermon as last week. We get it, we’re all God’s people, yada yada. I really feel like I had the same root sermon for about three weeks now. Different scripture. Different hook/story/gimmick. Same underlying message.

So I need this break. I need it for myself. I need it to spend time with my family (nuclear and extended). I need it to be a better pastor when I come back.

I need it to clean my house.

My usband asked me what I had planned for the week. Why does he think I’m the sort of person who plans her week off? Oh, right, because he’s known me for a decade and lived with me for seven years.

So, my plans are:
1. Go to the gym each day (I’m off to a good start!)
2. Blog (lookit me, meeting my goals!)
3. Write creatively– poetry or essay or fiction
4. Clean up a bit, including doing laundry. 
5. Read. Finish the book I’m on so I can start my Shadows Return countdown by reading The Complete Works of Lynn Flewelling.
6. Sit outside in the sun, should it decide to shine.
7. Cook yummy dinners that do not involve calling the local pizza place.

Also, I do have to finish a worship service for Annual Conference, call the aforementioned congregant-in-crisis, have a staff parish meeting, and schedule a few meetings/appointments for next week. But that’s vacation for you. Then I get to work in my mom’s garden and paint her house and play with my aunts/uncles/cousins/husband/kid for a glorious weekend. It’s a fair trade.

2 thoughts on “The importance of self (and family)- care”

  1. If you’re looking for new recipes for goal #7, try She has some GREAT recipes that are simpler than Martha Stewart but boy are they good! I’ve tried her lasagna, and her fresh Asian-esque salad, and I think some other things too…also, I like that she adds pictures.

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