The Revolution Will Not Be Webcast

The official word on the sensored streaming video is that it was unintentional– although it was exactly as long as the protest and kicked back in after the protest. “We thought they were going to take a recess.” Right. During recesses, they put up the logo slide, not the standby slide. That’s only shown before and after the day’s broadcast, in short, when there is no streaming signal.

So they uploaded the coverage of the protest here. You have to click the MPEG below “Homosexuality Witness.” For those who don’t watch the video, it shows maybe 200 people, dressed in black, lining the aisles of the convention space. They sing, “Were You There?” and drape the communion table in black fabric to signify the brokenness of the Body. A young woman speaks at the mic for a few minutes, declaring the the glbt community are the church and they are not going away. A Bishop speaks as well, comparing sexuality and gender identity-based exclusion to the racial exclusion not so long ago. Several other Bishops stand in prayer. Now what was so threatening about that? Except that the protesters were threatened with up to a year jail time if they didn’t leave the floor after their (literal) fifteen minutes.

My seminary colleague Will Green posted about his experience on the floor yesterday and being a brave, brave man (he came out to a thousand delegates and an untold number of internet viewers) over on the Cambridge Welcoming Ministries Blog. More conservative voices immediately jumped all over him. For shame.

Here’s Will, on his birthday, outing himself to the UM world, and taking the mic to implore that the United Methodist Church not use the glbt community as lambs sacrificed on the altar of false unity. Which of course we did. Bless you, my brother.

3 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Webcast”

  1. hey becca, those sign-of of stream really was part of the norm whenever there was a break. i was like others when it opened back up and people were talking. i appreciate that they posted it, but i wasn’t bent out of shape that it went off stream. part of the norm there.

    interesting: i have a couple of video accounts, i uploaded the witness onto my godtube account a day or two after the witness, they have yet to approve it or send me some reason as to why.

    shalom, -g

    have you checked out the methoblog?

  2. @gavin:
    I think the MethoBlog is where I initially found your link. I’m not sure I’ve got the full hang of the functionality over there, but I’ve been exploring.

    I don’t totally buy that the Comm people thought the session was going to break. It was cut off right in the middle of the Bishop speaking, and came back *before* the break, as the witness was ending. Even cooling my jets for a couple of weeks, I still think it was an intentionally yank of the stream. I think they many have been anticipating arrests or ugliness and wanted to preempt that. It was lovely to watch later and get a sense of it, but I had been hoping to see it live and be in prayer and solidarity at the same time. Rather, I spent twenty minutes text-messaging, emailing, and calling, trying to see what was up.

  3. i get where you are going with the anticipation of ugliness. that is probably true. the one behavior that i could analyze as indicating that they were anticipating it and cut it off was that all the camera people were in good spots to pick up the speakers (except the bishop towards the middle/end). still, after watching more than any one person should online it was always a quick kill of the stream going into breaks. so i’m choosing not to consider it some conspiracy theory. there just isn’t enough to indicate to me that it is otherwise.

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