Shock and Horror

I know the United Methodist Church has a long way to go when it comes to human sexuality. Obviously, just because friends of mine drafted beautiful legislation that attempted to confess “we as a church are divided” and say that “we make no statements for or against homosexual practices as we seek peace in our body” doesn’t mean it was going to pass. The fact that the vote was as close as it was gives us hope. It keeps getting closer, depite the growing number of delegates from conservative areas. Maybe next time. Maybe the time after that. Our current policy won’t prevail forever; nothing will stop the tide of inclusivity and love.

I woke up this morning, looked at the pictures of my friends who are at General Conference, and cried. See them stand in solidarity and protest as anti-gay language is affirmed yet again. See them weep for themselves, their friends, their family members, their church. Witness the tears and wonder how this could be God’s work in God’s church on earth.

I’ve been watching most of this live streaming. I got a call this morning from someone on-site, who told me there would be a protest at 11:30. I tuned in, and sure enough, at 11:30 on the dot the presiding Bishop began to read a statement about the sensitive nature of what we’ve been discussing, and the people who have been spectators and who wish to express…


A scrolling image, “Please Stand By. The Signal Will Return Shortly.”

They cut the feed.




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